About Constellation

Constellation represents a new brand of truck tires from the manufacturer of the Alliance, Galaxy and Primex off-highway tire brands.

YOHT—manufacturer of the Alliance, Galaxy and Primex brands that have built worldwide reputations for quality, performance and great return on investment in off-road tires—has added the new Constellation truck line to one of the world’s largest and most respected lines of OTR tires.

For the farmers, loggers, construction and demolition contractors, forklift and skid steer operators, miners and others who trust their livelihoods to the Alliance, Galaxy and Primex brands, Constellation is a chance to build on that experience with our brands. And if you’re new to working with us, we’ll introduce you to our commitment to quality and performance—backed by a five-year, two-retread Constellation warranty.

Constellation Tires

We have Constellation truck tires suitable for all your long haul, regional and mixed use applications.  Use the selector below to find the tire that’s right for you and to get more details.  View all our tires

Manufacturing and Factory

Truck Tire Quality

Constellation truck tires are manufactured in a state-of-the art factory in Thailand, a growing hotbed of high-quality truck tire manufacturing. The plant’s skilled staff and cutting-edge equipment are high-efficiency, cost-competitive producers of excellent tires, allowing us to offer Constellation tires at a price point that's below the top-tier brands.

The factory is certified by DOT as well as INMETRO, ECE, GCC, BIS and SNI. It has also achieved certification for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO/TS 16949.

Rigorous quality control in the factory and frequent audits ensure top manufacturing results, with Constellation far exceeding DOT standards in third-party tests.

For Dealers

We're all about choice.

The chance to choose a brand that delivers the quality, reliability and price point you need. The opportunity to choose a company you can count on, a company dedicated to being easy to do business with. And thousands of SKUs to choose from, each purpose-built for some of the toughest jobs on earth.

Explore other YOHT Products

Alliance Tire is a pioneer in farm tire technology, including high-tech flotation, IF/VF and high-speed agricultural tires. Our global R&D, engineering and manufacturing teams deliver tires that keep farmers in more than 120 countries profitable.

Galaxy tires are purpose-built for the toughest jobs in construction, materials handling, waste management and mining. Galaxy tires are the gold standard for skid steer, loader and telehandler applications around the world.

Primex tires are engineered for the extreme, keeping logging crews on the move from the frozen forests of Scandinavia to Southern pulpwood plantations. Primex tires are also mainstays on earthmoving, mining and industrial equipment worldwide.

YOHT Warranty Wizard

Your Constellation tires are built to perform - But if anything isn't right YOHT is committed to making sure you get satisfaction - quickly and hassle-free!

Constellation truck tires are backed by a 5-year, two-retread warranty. That protection is easily accessible through YOHT's Warranty Wizard app for iOS and Android devices. With a few entries into a smartphone, a couple of photos and a tap on the Send button, warranty claims are fast and simple.

The Warranty Wizard app is another way we are making it easier than ever to do business with YOHT…and get our customers back to work.